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About Us

We’re one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in Canada — and our approach to mortgage financing is as fresh as it gets. We believe in putting the power in your hands, where it belongs. We’re not a bank so you are not limited to just a single set of products from a single lender. We’ll work overtime to find the best loan for you – no matter how far or how long we have to search for it. We won't stop until we’ve found you the best possible financial option available on the market. Our team has expertise in both the residential and the commercial mortgage market, and are individually and comprehensively trained in all facets of the lending industry. From start to finish, we’ll be at your side – and on your side – working to make sure you get the best terms every lender has to offer. That’s the Sigma Mortgage promise, and you’ll see for yourself that we live up to it every day.


What We do

Sigma Mortgage has access to more than 50 lenders including traditional banks, credit unions and the largest monoline lenders. Our team of mortgage professionals can assist with any type of mortgage from first time homebuyers, refinances or those who may have past credit issues. At Sigma Mortgage, our mortgage professionals work for you – not the lenders – to ensure you receive the best rates and products available in today’s marketplace. Whether you’re looking to purchase your very first home or upgrade to a new home, renew your existing mortgage, refinance your mortgage to free up some equity, purchase investment properties or vacation homes, Sigma Mortgage has a variety of products available to meet your unique needs.


Our COre Values

INTEGRITY We are built upon a core value of integrity, which means that we will continually strive to provide you with the most suitable mortgage for your situation and not one that is most suitable for us. DEDICATION We are committed to providing our clients with timely communication and helping to guide them through the whole process. To always have our customer's interest be a priority, no matter the cost, so each time we exceed their expectations. COMMUNICATION Transparency and clear communication are core to our day-to-day operations at Sigma Mortgage. We will ensure that you are kept up to date with the progress of your application throughout the entire process. EXCELLENCE We strive for excellence through continuous improvement of our processes and service to our clients.